Ultimate 3 star rank guide and tips for Mario Kart 7

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hey guys what's up this is Carol's

bender here again for yet another video

and welcome to the first of three videos

that will turn you into a Mario Kart 7

master today now to get three stars in

every one of the difficulties and every

one of the cups okay to the point there

are two factors that will decide what

rank you're going to get number one get

first place in all four of the tracks a

visit mandatory never will you hit

anything about one star if you do not

have all forty points ten for each track

this is the most important thing to keep

in mind if you want those three golden

stars do not let your guard down and

always have everyone behind your ass

number two get the best times that you

can while it is important to finish

every race in first place you won't get

those three stars if your time isn't