Candy Crush Level 1506 help w/audio tips, hints, tricks

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hi friends this is Susi your candy crush

guru here to help you solve the puzzle

thoughtful 1506 which is a hard level

I've played it through ten times when I

didn't beat it so it's my standard that

I bring you in a booster but I really

like this level I could play it a few

more times so if you want to double

doctor when you do this without boosters

I'd love it so I'm gonna click a lucky

candy this is my best thing for solving

this puzzle because lucky Candy's always

correspond directly to order fulfillment

so it's gonna be either a popcorn color

bomb or blue candy and I don't just get

one on the board I'll get them

throughout the game now I have 30 moves

to collect these items and reach 100,000

points and I've got UFOs and stripes on

the board the stripes are gonna help you

to open up the UFOs but it's still a lot