Candy Crush Level 1394 help w/audio tips, hints, tricks

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hi friends this is Susie your candy

crush goo boo here to help you solve the

puzzle of level 1394 room we have 24

moves to collect 1,100,000 points that's

not the issue we're not even going to

worry about points what we're gonna

worry about is the fact that we have to

use up all 24 moves whether we get one

star or three stars before the game will

end and that's tough because we've got

ticking time-bomb set at ten so here's

my method I work on one of these little

sides here so I'm working on this side

and clearing out as much as I can while

hoping that through cascading I fill the

Frog and then what's going to happen is

oh let's see if I could make a color

bottom not quite now I like to make

those specials where I can and then

what's going to happen is while I'm

doing all of this and clearing this out