Candy Crush Level 1350 help w/audio tips, hints, tricks

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hi friends this is Susy your candy crush

guru here to help you solve the puzzle

of level 1350 where we have 50 moves to

clear out 33 jelly and reach 66 thousand

points and the problem here is that some

of the jelly is isolated especially the

stuff under this spawner

this magic mixer and the magic mixer is

going to keep spewing things out trying

to keep us from clearing out this level

I can make a special here it's not

really the best one but I'm hoping I'll

be able to pair it up with something

well that's a good thing to pair it with

I was going to say I would love it if

this were situated up in one of these

little crevices here I would have a much

better opportunity to clear this out I'm

going to try to get that to happen

before something bad happens here I'm

going to try to get a purple to Scituate