Candy Crush Level 1212 Talkthrough, 10 Moves 0 Boosters

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hi friends this is Susy your gaming guru

here to help you solve the puzzle of

level 12 12 is a special dedication to

Jeffrey who has let me know that indeed

King has changed this again okay so

terribly frustrating because I have

played this so many different times

based on how many moves it has and

currently it has 10 10 moves to clear

out 10 of these wrapped candies 50

purple and 9 color bombs

well the wrapped candy should be pretty

easy there all next to each other but

getting over to here is going to be

tough and then taking out purple from

here it's going to be tough I don't even

have much purple I remember last time I

played this game I was able to do this

with some ramped candies and clear this

out a bit but if I do this now it's

going to take out the marmalade and it's