How to Cure Jet Lag | 12 Experts Explain | Condé Nast Traveler

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a jet lag that tired feeling after

travel tiny Nast Traveler has written

dozens of articles about it I've even

written an article about it

I'm Paul Brady and I'm the articles

editor at Conde Nast Traveler I want to

compile a definitive guide on how to

beat jet lag so I'm going to call up as

many experts as I can to answer my

questions Paul so to start it off what

are some of the symptoms of July really

sort of just feels like if you had a bad

night's sleep and you wake up and you

just ogaki feel really nauseous

sometimes jet lag is I can barely keep

my eyes open but I have all the energy

in the world wish I could sleep - why is

that like why are you so exhausted there

are kind of two parts of jet lag one

part of jet lag is the resynchronization

of your internal clock to your new