Shadow of the Colossus PS4 Remake - Hard Time Attack Walkthrough - Colossus #11 (Celosia)

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hello everyone welcome back to our hard

difficulty Time Attack mode here in

Shadow of the Colossus now this is

colossi number 11 this one can actually

be done relatively quickly now up until

now I've been avoiding using any kind of

strategies that a lot of the speed

runners use just because I want to make

this guide accessible and easy to follow

for the average gamer such as yourself

and of course me and we're going to

initially right off the bat jump up to

this first pillar here and one is stay

up here and then as soon as the class is

gonna about to knock it down I want to

jump down and a torch is going to land

on the floor we need to quickly pick

that up with the grab button r2 and now

I'm gonna attempt to run to the next

pillar now unfortunately I whipped on