Candy Crush Level 1179 AudioTalkthrough, 2 Stars 0 Boosters

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hi friends this is Susie or candy crush

guru here to help you solve the puzzle

of level 1179 where we have 40 moves to

collect four ingredients so here are the

ingredients and we have to get them down

here doesn't seem tough but we've got to

get them unwrapped from their marmalade

and then drop down and we've got these

licorice in the way and the licorice are

going to keep dropping and I don't know

at what rate since this is my first

playthrough but here's what I know

instead of trying to make one stripe

that I can use to hit down here I need

to try to really amass my forces and

head down here with a lot of ammunition

let's see and one way to do that is to

take out colors that aren't very

prevalent so I'd like to take out all of

the green if I can I don't have a lot of

green on the board but that's likely to