100 Doors Challenge All Level Solution 1 To 125 | Fazie Gamer

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never went door closes yes Paris never

to use this and this again Table four

open this Rose closer level six

just shake your formal yes level

complete level seven first pick up much

it then I can tap on Canon and slide

your phone okay this way first add

cannon fire cannon then next level just

this down this side use hammer on this

box get and add this and slide

don't say okay they will complete label

it just go first in this way you do then

go this side then cut here use player

and then go this side and next level

just you use tap and clock then tap

fifteen sixty so this is today levels we

are back in next video F as a gamer

level 11 to level 15 surprise has a

gamer for let us videos those challenge

level 11 to 15 this video is presented

by a fuzzy gamer first just tap this