How to block spam calls

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- Spam calls are worse than ever.

That's not just my opinion, it's not just how we all feel,

it's true.

Robocall complaints to the federal trade commission

have quintupled since 2009,

and they jumped steeply in just the past year

to four and a half million total.

And that's just Robocalls.

There are another two and a half million complaints

about live telemarketers.

So what on earth can we do to start fighting back

against all these spammy calls?

There are three steps you can take,

they won't solve the problem entirely,

but if you're fed up, this is what you can do

to start fighting back.

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Okay so, step number one:

Use a call-blocking app,

there are a whole bunch of these,

and they all try to do the same thing,