How to Open and Balance Your 7 Chakras! The Secret to Chakra Alignment

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hey it's a viola from were manifesting

University and I want to talk about what

it means to align your chakras

now your chakras are a sensitive

information superhighway running

throughout your body Wow basically just

like we have arteries and veins we have

energy clumps cups of energy

consciousness that represents different

areas of our lives running through our

bodies and so there are seven well-known

and referred to chakras but really there

are a zillion chakras throughout our

bodies but we focus on the seven main

ones so that is our root chakra that is

at the base of the spine the root chakra

and then our sacral chakra which is in

our reproductive area the root chakra

represents safety the sacral chakra

represents pleasure and then that brings

us up to our navel chakra bellybutton