Introduction to CellMeter 8 Lipo, Servo and ESC Tester

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hi welcome to the rejection this video

are going to see how we can use this

cell meet eight this is a device and

once you receive it also you'll get an

English and Chinese manual so this is

the package so this is the meter this

has multiple features the first one is

two measures each cell of the battery

the second feature is to discharge and

also the third one is to test the servo

and ESC so we have three buttons here

type cell mode and also underneath we

have other label it's a set up servo

test discharge so when you press it

short it will apply the big one when you

press it longer it will apply the small

one which I'm going to show you next on

this side we have eight connection that

is for the battery discharge cable

connector so it can measures up to each

cell or discharge up to eight cell here