How to balance a cash register-Tutorial

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hi this is Gary in this tutorial I'm

going to walk through how you go about

balancing a cash register the procedures

and how you adjust them for different

situations let's go ahead and get

started on this here now typically your

register might look something like this

or something in that purse emiti what

you want to do during the day before you

go up to balancer I just first want to

make sure you're following the safe drop

procedures and there differ let's say

you're working at a convenience store or

a gas station in this case you might

start out with like a hundred dollars

and most of that is going to be small

bills and coins my small bills I mean

less than ten dollars you want to be

able to make change you're usually going

to get a lot of twenties and possibly

some larger bills 50s or 100's and no