How to Combine Cardio and Strength Training for Weight Loss...

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I'm Afra and welcome back again my name

is dr. Anthony Balducci I'm the founder

here at the fit father project in

today's video we're gonna talk about how

to combine cardio and strength training

for weight loss this is a hugely

important video on a topic we're really

passionate about here at the fifth Fogg

project and the philosophies and the

strategies I'm gonna teach you in this

video are largely how we've helped over

10,000 fathers lose over 75,000 pounds

of fat and here's some of the guys that

we've helped lose weight so we know a

thing or two about the right kinds of

training plans and when it comes to your

results so you know how to combine the

two types of training for the best

results possible so we're gonna cover

all that in this video you're gonna

learn some simple actionable strategies