Carb Syncing: How to Fine Tune Your Carburetors

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what's going on riders Cody for

motorcycle m.d bringing you guys a video

on carburetor synchronization I'll be

using two different style gauges one is

the tried-and-true vacuum gauge that you

can get from almost anywhere and then

I'm been doing a old-school style with

in mercury gauges we're actually gonna

do a side-by-side comparison and see

which one is better which ones give me a

more accurate result or if they're

exactly the same okay the first thing I

want you guys to know is that carburetor

synchronization has nothing to do with

what the Jets are giving the engine okay

it is not effect if it's lean or rich

there's nothing to do with that number

two carburetor synchronization can only

be done on multiples of two or more

carburetors you don't know how many

times I hear people say they have a