How to Balance Your Car's Tires

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It's time for the Scotty Kilmer Channel

today I'm going to show you how you can balance your own tires and here's how

the saga began my wife's car needed new front tires so I went to a discount

tire store and bought two new front tires but when I got the car back it

would shake when I was going 55 60 on a highway the steering wheel would shake, so

I took the car to my friendly front end guys at Cotton Brothers they checked it

all out and said the only thing wrong was the idiots at the discount tire store had

balance the tires wrong so they rebalance them and then the shaking was gone but

hey that cost me 70 bucks so I thought why not try something with a better idea

so I went out and bought this wheel balancing tool from harbor freight tools

and it cost the 70 bucks it cost me to get them balanced so I thought why not do it

myself now when I was a kid in the 1960s my father's Texaco gas station we had a

bubble balancer it work perfectly fine, and hey for 70 bucks this thing works

quite well I use a piece of marine plywood to have a good stable foundation

put the base on that then I got the level balancing part and place it on the

top then you adjust it so the bubble is in the middle there screws to adjust it

you turn the adjustment screws until the bubble exactly in the middle and there

it is right in the middle then you get the tire and put it over the top the

springs automatically adjust it so it fits right and in this case you can see