How to BALANCE Neewer Steadicam Stabilizer For DSLR? (FULL Tutorial)

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so in this video I'm gonna show you guys

how you balance this newer Steadicam

stabilizer or any handheld Steadicam for

your DSLR camera so stay tuned it's

easier than you think so chances are you

probably stumbled across my youtube

channel because of this right here or

because of my Nikon camera videos but in

this video I'm gonna talk to you on more

a professional level of how you actually

balance this newer stabilizer as my

other series that I have done with the

stabilizer to show you guys we're done

in the spur of the moment so first thing

out of the box of how you stabilize this

any handheld stabilizer is you want to

grab your DSLR and you want to remove

any weight in other words the lens cap

the lens hood if you plan on filming

with or without it and yes most

importantly you want to take out the