Balancing Brain Chemistry Naturally | Natural Healing with Dr. Mark Stengler, NMD

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And for the viewers we're going to get into Neurotransmitters; those are the chemicals

in your body, especially in the brain which controls so many of the body functions.

Many of you are aware that it controls, mood, memory, but there's so much more to it than


Your metabolism, how your digestion functions and Dr. Shallenberger has done a lot of work

in this area and we're gonna get more of the specifics of how Neurotransmitter therapy

can help you.

So, Dr. Shallenberger, maybe you can give the viewers a little bit more of an overview

on how to skim the surface here on what are Neurotransmitters?

What are these chemicals, going to how they affect the many different areas of the body

and then how in Medicine we’re able to help people with this type of approach?

I think this topic, Mark, is probably the most important single topic we could even

have today because this cuts to the very core of the relationship between stress and health.

And as I'm sure you know and pretty much any doctors that have been around the block know,

stress plays one of the biggest roles on what makes us healthy, what makes us sick.

And the connection is that your nervous system runs your entire body; it controls your immune

system, it controls your digestive… everything that's in, is regulated by your nervous system

but what regulates the nervous system is Neurotransmitters.

And they're chemicals, you can call them brain chemicals if you wish, but they're chemicals

that are not only in the brain but they're all in what we call the “Periphery” but

through your nervous system throughout your entire body.