How to Eat to Control Your Blood Sugar Level

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hi I'm Charlotte lost in a registered

and licensed dietitian here in Tampa Bay

Florida and I'm going to help you today

with some tips and how to can eat to

control your blood sugar levels

well carbohydrates are what's really

important when we look at our elevated

blood sugar levels proteins and fats

affect us to some degree but not nearly

as significant nor as fast again as

those carbohydrates do now when we're

looking at carbohydrates you want to try

to be aware of how often and how

frequently you're eating if you can aim

for six small meals a day every couple

of hours every three hours or so and

incorporating some carbohydrates that's

going to have an easy consistent flow of

that sugar to your bloodstream

now all carbohydrates are not created

equal try to avoid the simple sugars or