How to teach your child to ride a balance bike quickly and simply

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this way to get your child to be a

confident cyclist is to start early if

they are happy walking and running then

from the age of about two they can start

playing on a balanced bike here are some

simple steps to help you get started

what is a balanced bike a balance bike

is a small bike for toddlers has no

pedals and rather fat pneumatic tires

most bikes come with one brake although

many toddlers will slow down using their

feet at first if your child is a bit

bigger you can just remove the pedals

from their bike and transform it into a

balanced bike

if you choose for your child to wear a

helmet make sure it is on properly it

needs to cover their forehead and the

strap should be tight the tire should be

pumped up saddle shouldn't be wobbly and

brake should work you need to lean the