How Do You Balance Work and Family?

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Ryan asked how can you claim a family

first but work 19 hours a day how can it

be a good dad - hubby and rarely be home

yeah so this is a this a great question

and I like the zing of the hashtag at

the end what's the name Ryan let me

explain something to you partner and

everybody else who asks me about this

question this is a very legit question

and so I'm not angry or looking to zing

back because you're right this has a lot

to do with decisions that my wife and I

have made about the way I story tell my

life versus the way I storytelling my

private life you know I look at things

in net gain form right for example but

let's just I just as my friend this is

actually very convenient didn't even

think about this because I didn't really

know the questions today it's just not

just let's just zoom it in d-roc let's