My Husband Always Puts His Mother First. What Should I Do? — Ask A Pastor w. Dr. Joel C. Hunter

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okay this is a tough one this this

person will remain anonymous but it's a

question I'm asked periodically my

husband always puts his mother first

it has created a stressful relationship

between us whenever his mother's in the

picture she calls his phone all hours of

the day as a praying wife what are your

recommendations for how I can manage


first of all scripture is pretty clear

about a husband putting his wife first

and an a it says and as matter of fact

in Genesis chapter 2 verse 24 and a

husband shall leave his father and

mother and cleave to his wife and the

two shall become one and so there's a

biblical priority that either he's not

aware of or he doesn't think he's

violating here and that you are supposed

to be the most important person in his