How I Balance Between My Mother & Wife - Mufti Menk

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it's important also to teach goodness to

the child and let the child catch it

from your behavior this is part of

resourceful nough Spock touched on it a

little bit but let the child catch it

from your behavior you know how you

treat your spouse your child will treat

his or her spouse in most cases some

cases maybe not but in most cases so

it's important for us very very

important for us to go out and to speak

or to make sure that the children that

are witnessing us and get the good

example they see they learn from us go

out of your way to address your spouse

with respect to utter words of goodness

words of love address with respect you

know listen to each other in a way that

your children can see that oh when mum

says something dad gives it importance

so when I get married I'm going to give