15 min Beginner Yoga for Balance & Stability

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hey Yogi's welcome to my channel my name

is Kassandra and today we're going to do

a standing balancing sequence so if

balance poses are something that you are

trying to work on or something that you

enjoy this should be a really great

lesson for you we're actually going to

start standing already just at the top

of the mount toe-heel your feet together

so big toes are touching heels are about

an inch or so apart bend the knees and

drop your hips down into your chair pose

so cheerful is your tailbone is

lengthening down your lower belly is

hugging in and you're rocking your

weight back into your heels as opposed

to the balls of the feet as you inhale

reach your arms up to the sky and on the

exhale bring both arms as you twist over

to the right keep your knees together