Net Ionic Equation Worksheet and Answers

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in this video we're going to focus on

writing net I have equations for double

replacement reactions like the

precipitation reactions acid-base

reactions gas evolution reactions and

also a single replacement reactions so

let's begin let's say if you have an

aqueous solution of magnesium chloride

and silver nitrate what are the products

of this reaction now the first thing you

need to determine is if you have a

single replacement or a double

replacement reaction now we have a

reaction that's in a form a B plus C D

this is a double replacement reaction

magnesium is like a chlorine is like B a

G is the C part and D is the nitrate so

in this reaction a is going to pair up

with D to form ad and BC are going to

pair up to form C D so let's apply this

information to the problem that we're