Adjusting Ph and Alkalinity in your pool

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hey gang welcome back to pool school and

in this episode I am gonna teach you how

to adjust the pH and alkalinity of your

pool stay tuned

since I put out my recent video on

testing your pool water I've had a

couple emails regarding adjusting the pH

and alkalinity remember when it comes to

pH and alkalinity usually those two

things are going to kind of line up the

same so if your pH is high your

alkalinity is more than likely going to

be high if your pH is low your

alkalinity also will probably be low a

couple things to remember okay when your

alkalinity is low or your pH is low that

means your pool is highly acidic things

can there's lots of different kinds of

acids and things that can affect that

one is acid rain yes it's real the other

thing is uric acid yes that means