How to Balance a Forced Hot-Air System | This Old House

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and as a common complaint we here with

hot air systems you know you've got a

furnace or an air conditioner with its

blower pushing air into a main trunk

like this and you have takeoffs that go

to individual rooms with supply ducts

like this and you hope that the first

installer of that heating and cooling

system actually did a calculation to

determine what size trunks go to each

room obviously bigger trunks to bigger

rooms and smaller trunks to smaller

that's right well oftentimes we see the

same size supply trunk go into a small

room as a large room and that means you

might overheat this room and under heat

the other one an imbalance system right

so we need some way to balance the

system and so at the least case you can

look at some of these registers that

might have a register here that has a