Balanced Air Flow TIps

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hi I'm de maras with conservation tips

you know one of the most common concerns

that homeowners expressed to me is the

uneven heating and cooling in their home

you know there's that bedroom upstairs

it's always hot in the summer and it's

always freezing cold in the winter or

that the lower level where it's always

freezing cold well in this segment of

conservation tips we hope to offer you

some strategies how you can make your

house more efficient and make you more

successful in your air balancing act now

a good place to start in your air

balancing investigation is at the

heating and cooling system itself and

this one is in a basement which is an

ideal situation for don't you have a

furnace air conditioner in the attic or

in a crawlspace it's going to make your

air bouncing a little bit harder let's