How to Decrease Acid in Pasta Sauce : Understanding Taste for Better Cooking

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hi I'm barb Stuckey author of taste and

today we're going to talk about how to

fix a pasta sauce that has too much acid

or sour taste the easiest way to fix a

sauce that's too acidic and frankly the

easiest way to fix any sauce that's gone

wrong is to simply make another batch

and make it without the problem


so if tomato sauce is what's making your

sauce too acidic you'll want to make the

second batch without the tomato sauce if

it's balsamic vinegar that's making your

sauce too acidic make the second one

without the vinegar then combine the two

batches and voila you've solved your

problem however you might not have

enough ingredients on hand or time to

make a whole nother batch so here are

some quick fixes the first one is to add

something that is not acidic so we're