7 Things to Try to Reduce Your Acid Reflux

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you probably want to know what you can

do to fix your reflux there's some

really simple things that you can do by

yourself to see if there any specific

triggers that are causing your problem

number one fix your diet so the things

that are common and easy to remove our

spicy foods citrus foods tomato based

foods fried foods simple second get rid

of possible food allergens for a short

period of time like two weeks gluten and

dairy are the most common ones 3 try to

get rid of the triggers for a few weeks

like alcohol caffeine and nicotine all

which trigger reflux not forever but try

for a little while and see if it's

causing your problem number four change

your lifestyle so that you actually

don't have reflux don't eat three hours

before bed give yourself a chance to

digest your food next deal with stress