Acid Base Neutralization Reactions & Net Ionic Equations - Chemistry

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in this video we're going to talk about

acid-base and neutralization reactions

so consider the reaction between aqueous

sulfuric acid and aqueous sodium

hydroxide so what I want you to do is

predict the products by a balanced

formula equation and then write the

total ionic equation and the net ionic

equation so feel free to try this now

whenever you have an acid-base reaction

it's going to produce a salt and water

now this is a double replacement

reaction so the first and the last

ions will pair up together and the two

in the middle sodium and the sulfate

ions will pair up together now whenever

you pair up hydrogen with hydroxide it

will always produce h2o which is a

liquid now what about pairing up sodium

and sulfate sodium has a positive one

charge sulfate has a -2 charge so what