Accounting for beginners #9 / Accounts Receivable / Basics

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Yo!! What up Tubes???ready??? Jonathan N Dorn licensed CPA state of Florida

strongest CPA in the state of Florida let's get in. here, this is going to be on. you

see the title. Accounts Receivable. you might see it as A/R Accounts Receivable

it is an Asset. Accounts Receivable is an Asset

alright, so you got your DC/ADE/LER

Asset, that right here, a positive side, and Accounts Receivable is an Asset

if you don't know DC/ADE/LER shame on you, watch the old videos, shame anyways so i'm going to try and break

it down, and wanted in my head, I always do small numbers from that you know like

you I like you ten dollars because i can i can see ten dollars i can see what

happens when someone shows me ten dollars. okay anyways this is Account

Receivable, alright i fronted you a widget, which is the accounting term for,

it could be anything

alright, so here's, here i'm giving you a widget,

here's your widget, $10 this is ten dollars, okay you don't have money for it????

Your going to give it to me tomorrow???

why don't you just get this widget tomorrow, then when you have the money??? you need it now ???y

alright so we'll front you ten-dollar widget and you're going to owe me ten

dollars so I'm going to have an Account Receivable for ten dollars

you owe me, i have a receivable, in accounting, it's always about, what I'm

doing. what my business is doing. so you owe me a receivable. ok obviously i

gave you a product and i did not get paid