How to use a Mechanical Weighing Scale

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okay so today we will see how analog

weighing machine works I've never used

this before so I check the friend and I

thought there may be other people out

there who would like to know how this is

used or how this is operated so this is

how it looks like

all right so first thing you do is step

on it and now it has these two scales or

two blocks the bigger one and the

smaller one so basically these are these

are here

these numbers are number or weight

ranges so you just need to if you don't

know what your weight is just try

putting it on 100 this is problems by

the way this is not kilograms so this is

the imperial system so you can put it on

100 its 100 now and if you pay attention

this thing moves so you just have to try

to balance it and see if it stops Midway