How to Diagnose Drum Problems in a Washing Machine

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Hi I'm Josh from eSpares.

And in this video I'm going to be showing you how to diagnose

drum problems with your washing machine.

One of the most common problems that drums can develop in a washing machine is noise.

This can be either when the machine is on a cycle.

or if the drum is just spun by hand.

Now a major factor that can cause that noise is worn bearings.

Here I've got a machines this one has very very badly worn bearings

In this one the bearings are virtually brand new.

If I just reach into the drum here and spin it by hand,

you can hear it makes quite a noticeable sort of grinding noise

If I do the same thing on the drum on this machine

you can hear that it's virtually silent.

So that would be the first indicator of worn bearings.

A second way to check for worn bearings

is seeing how much movement the drum has got that it shouldn't have

If I go to this machine and press against the top is the drum

you can see how much the drum moves away from the door seal here.

But if we go over to this machine and do the same thing,

you can see there's virtually no movement between the edge of the drum and the door seal.

So again that's another indicator of worn bearings.