How-to Stop a Walking / Shaking / Wobbling Washing Machine

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what's going on YouTube

uberman here so had a lot of people ask

me to do videos of some of the projects

I work on in my spare time so here's

what we have we're going to be adjusting

the foot pedals on this LG front load

washing machine and this is the first

time I've ever run into a problem like

this I just purchased these units with

the pedestals for 200 bucks dryer has

absolutely nothing wrong with it no

issues washing machines only issue is

that the power button right here is

missing so I have to stick a screwdriver

in there and that's really it other than

it's got a couple of scratches right

here no big deal everything works on the

washer just fine I found a replacement

control board I'll do a separate video

about replacing the control unit for $69

so as of right now I've got 269 in it i