Quick fix for loud or off-balance GE top loader washer

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hello everyone this is Reggie the washer

dryer repair nerd coming to you with a

GE washer that may be having a knocking

sound got halfway through this repair I

was like oh you know maybe I should

record this one so this is a machine I'm

repairing and so basically if you have a

GE washer and what happens is if it's

the tub of slightly off-balance the

bottom down here well not I guess the

sides and then some GE washes right here

there are two metal plates that's

between the motor that it'll knock up

against or just hitting a side frame

typically before you change these these

your tub stabilizers before you change

those look at the top stabilizers these

rubber bushings right here then that

actually holds the tub in place from

knocking against inside and kind of

balances it out and typically those will