Very Detailed Turntable Setup for Beginners

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hey guys how's it going welcome to my

final TV channel this video is kind of a

part two of a series I've been doing on

getting you started with a turntable and

with vinyl last video we talked about

buying a turntable this time you've got

your turntable now you've got to set it

up there's lots of videos on YouTube and

information online about how to do this

and I'm just gonna give you my two cents

worth so that you can have lots of

information and do the best job you can

because setting up your turntable is so

important it's it's more important than

you think okay now I have my turntable

set on my workbench here this is not the

ideal place for me to be playing records

of course I know that but just because I

got better lighting here it'll be a lot

easier for me to show you how to do it

now not all turntables are exactly the