Learn The Foot Stall | The Most Basic Of All Football Skills

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What is up guys?

Pwg here and today i'm gonna teach you guys the foot stall which is a pretty useful trick if you

Want to learn how to freestyle but don't know how to juggle. It's pretty easy, but you need to do it right

If you're wondering why it's so useful to learn how to do foot stall it's because it's the basis of

around the world

pop the world

next stall

Among many other tricks

The easiest way to start off is with your heel on the ground and your toes pointing towards yourself as much as

Possible take the ball, and place it between your chin, and your toes and clench

But if the ball falls off and you can't lose the ball it means you're not flexible enough, which

Means you need to stretch so find a wall and stretch

Like this a few times a day for a couple of days and you will notice the results

When you're comfortable doing this the next step is to lift your heel, and practice balancing the ball, like this

If you, want to master this move completely without help, start with the ball on the ground with

Your foot on top of it roll the ball backwards and use your foot as a shovel scoop it up and clench

There are a few common mistakes that a lot of people, do but I'll give you some advice for you to avoid

The first one is don't be too stiff, when, you're doing the foot stall because you

Won't be able to control it second one is don't scoop the ball too high because you

Won't be able to control it on foot so third, and last one is don't roll the ball back too fast because