Fix out of balance Samsung top load washer.

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hello people I'm going to show you how

to fix an out of balance situation on a

samsung top load washer I'm going to

demonstrate on this washer here which is

not a Samsung it's it's a Whirlpool

Cabrio because I simply don't have a

samsung to demonstrate on right now but

the Samsung's are built similar to this

whirlpool for the sake of demonstration

so I'll show you what I do to to remedy

the problem and the problem is that the

samsung top-load washers can develop a

situation where they go out of balance

very badly on the spin cycle and this

this drum part the basket moves I start

to shake back and forth like this then

it sets an error on the display and it

stops the cycle and then your clothes

don't ring out right so what we do is we

simply get a drill with a drill bit I

could think about a 3/16 bit and they're