How to level a pool table the right way

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hello fellow youtubers I'm here today to

make a video about how to level a valley

pool table this is your standard pool

table you would find in any bar it's the

8 foot model with a one-piece slate and

it can be a little tricky to level and

so I figured I'd make a video and see if

it helps you guys so the first thing I

need to do is tell you about what I'm

using what I've got here is is a fairly

inexpensive what is 2 foot level um I

found that the shorter level seems to

work best for what I'm doing here and

I'll tell you some reasons why and a

little while the other thing I have is a

machinist level this is a these are

typically expensive but they do help

with accuracy I also have a smaller

machinist level it's it's basically the

same thing it's just a more accurate

level so through some some testing and