How To Balance Nuclear Equations In Chemistry

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in this video we're gonna talk about how

to balance nuclear equations so in this

example problem we have an isotope of

carbon carbon-14 undergoing beta decay

which means that it's emit an a beta

particle or an electron what is the

missing element in this reaction in

order to do that we need to make sure

that this reaction is completely

balanced there's two numbers of

interests the six represents the atomic

number of the element carbon which is

equal to the number of protons in this

particular element which is the same as

the charge on the nucleus the top number

the 14 represents the mass number of the

element it's the sum of the number of

protons and neutrons so in this element

in carbon 14 that isotope has 6 protons

8 neutrons 14 minus 6 is 8 now in order

to balance a nuclear equation we need to