How To Properly Sharpen And Balance A Lawn Mower Blade - Video

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here we are

Steve small in the saloon again guys

thanks for tuning in

I've had a lot of requests a lot of

emails comments on my channel asking for

this video can you show us how to

sharpen a lawnmower blade why yes I can

I'm gonna do one step better than that

even I'm gonna show you how to sharpen a

lawnmower blade and then I'm gonna show

you how to balance it properly to which

is very important also the first thing

you got to do to do this job you got to

go get yourself some Heineken

unfortunately that's the only beer you

can use for doing this job next thing

you need to do get your blade off if you

don't know how to get your blade off or

even if you think you do

go back to my channel I have a video on

my channel called how to install your