How To Balance a Motorcycle Tire and Wheel from

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Hi, I'm Brian Van from

And today, we're going to show you how we balance our tires

After we've replaced them

Before we head to the racetrack

We're going to use the static balancing method

It's easy, the equipment to do it is very affordable

Simple to obtain as a matter of fact we've got them for sale on our website

This piece of equipment

Can pay for itself

Very easily

If you're mounting your own tires we've already done a video showing you how we mount our tires

We do have the benefit of the tire machine, so let's get on to the balancing part now

I've got my R6 rim here. I've got mounted on a brand New Avon 3D Ultra Extreme track tire

Here is the balancing shaft and cones that work with that handy static balancer

The first thing we're going to do is leave one cone on

Slide it through like so and what I'm looking for here is I want to have a fairly similar distance

sticking out of either side

Of the rim, after I have the cones on the shaft

I'm going to snug this side up

And I'll show you what when I do here with the other side, we're going to go ahead

Install the cone on the shaft, like so