How to Charge and Balance a LIPO Battery

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this is going to be a quick video just

showing you how to charge your batteries

with the imax b6 AC charger we're going

to be focusing mainly on this 3s one

thousand milliamp hour battery but it's

pretty much the same for other batteries

and we'll do a charging and balance

charging alright so first thing you just

want to get your cord and so for this

one this patchily we're gonna charge

this jst I've got the J steamer and the

banana plugs once you get a plug going

to the plus and the minus is the black

run and then we're gonna plug the

battery so just plugged it there and

then you want to plug your balance port

in which is this one and go into your

three cell plug all right there should

be a which one should fit pretty well

alright then we want to choose the

correct battery so we don't have that