'Slow Carbs' and the Truth About Low-Carb Diets

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dr. Hyman I am so confused about this

low carb no carb high carb I don't get

it what should I be eating our carbs bad

for you are they good for you what

should I eat well I've got something

surprising to say to many of my

listeners who've been following my work

for a long time

carbohydrates are the single most

important thing you can eat for health

and weight loss and you're thinking

right now dr. Hyman have you gone nuts

what are you talking about carbohydrates

I thought you're always talking about

how bad they are and how they cause

diabetes and diabetes and in some

resistance and heart disease and make

you fat and everything so why would you

be telling us to eat carbs why because

all plant foods are carbohydrates and

when I'm talking about carbs I'm talking