How to Level & Balance A Garage Door

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How to Level and Balance Your Garage Door by Garage Door Nation.

Hi my name's Tom Mello and I'm gonna show you how to balance

your garage door

if your garage door is not balanced you are gonna ruin your opener

in no time, so make sure your garage door is balanced and the only way you can balance

your garage door

is if you have the correct springs on. If you don't have the right springs on

there is no

chance you're gonna be able to balance out correctly so let's just look at see

if this garage door is balanced.

I got a manual release first of all,

so, when a garage door is balanced and has the right springs, it should be able

to stay in any position

and actually stay afloat. So, right here

if I go ahead and lift...Boom!

Super heavy; I could have broke the glass. That's how heavy it is.

we're going to have to adjust the springs. This is a 2-spring system, so

one thing you never wanna do is adjust an old spring

I personally install this door over a year ago, I know they are new springs

this is how people get seriously injured or die, so I HIGHLY recommend not working

on a door that is super old.