How To Use A Ceiling Fan Balancing Kit

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Hi I'm Colby with Del Mar Fans & Lighting and I'm here to talk to you about using a

ceiling fan blade balancing kit. Use a ceiling fan blade balancing kit as a

last resort. If your ceiling fan wobbles head over to our

How To Fix A Wobbly Ceiling Fan video and try those methods.

After trying those methods if your ceiling fan still wobbles then continue watching this

video on how to use a blade balancing kit. First, identify the fan speed that causes

your fan to wobble the most. This is typically the highest speed.

You'll use this speed when testing the clip. You're going to need a ladder and a blade

balancing kit. If you don't have a blade balancing kit then

you can click the link above and purchase one from us.

Let's get started. Turn off your ceiling fan and place the balancing

clip on the rear edge of your blade between the holder and the tip.

Turn on the fan to determine if the wobbling had improved or worsened.

If there is no improvement, turn off your fan and move the clip onto the next blade.

Then turn the fan back on and see if this is the blade that is unbalanced and if it

isn't, repeat on all your blades until you find the one that is unbalanced.

That's still not it. We've identified the unbalanced blade.

With the clip on this blade the fan wobbles the least.

Now find the exact location of where to place the sticky weight by moving the clip up or

down the blade based on how balanced it is when you turn it back on high speed.

Press a balancing weight on the blade center line directly in line with the clip.