How To Balance 20P & A Lemon In Water. | Recipes By Chef Ricardo

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today I'm gonna give you a nice little

game where adults and kids also can play

with it

well I have a year the lemon right here

a large board I'd also 20p what would a

simple do I'm gonna put this lemon

inside of the board under the footy

tweets of water and if you can use this

to a pee and balance inside of the water

like this I don't tell you something

that you will love this this is a new

game I take three days for me the

balance actually inside of it not easy

but I'm going to show you and if you can

do it please write a description inside

of my write the comments inside of the

box and when you write the comments

I'm telling me if I know who you are and

if you do it are you take a picture of

it and send it come to me but I'm out of

money this is another sign of Chef