Church budgeting 101

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how much what what are we looking at in

terms of budgeting this is an area that

really chases a lot of people off we

have allowed the accountants to take

over in that area and so we try to

understand and use their terminology

accountant ease let me show you how to

do this no matter how the size of the

church so people can understand and

figure out what's going on what we do

first of all as we look at evangelism

and missions and Steve and I wrote a

book on this calling money matters money

matters the next area is personnel there

are only three areas in this I'm sorry

four areas ministries and facilities

and in most cases just about everything

in a budget will go under one of those

for now I always ask a church for the

copy of their budget and the last one I

think they had 15 or 16 different