How to Balance a Chemical Equation EASY

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this we're gonna talk about how to

balance chemical equations this is a

quick and easy method that will work for

any chemical so here's the equation

we're gonna work with the first thing

I'm going to do is I'm going to draw a

line that divides the reactant side of

the equation from the product side of

the equation so I'm just going to put a

line right down the middle and I'm gonna

list all the different elements that are

on each side of the equation they're

gonna be the same elements but I'm just

gonna list them we have iron that's Fe

sulfur this is oxygen we have potassium

another oxygen which would just group

with this oxygen and hydrogen so I'm

going to list those elements and then

over on the product side over here we're

gonna list the same elements and now

we're going to count up the elements so